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New In | 70s Retro Look Suzy Skirts

Dollydagger Suzy 70s Retro Look SkirtsA favourite skirt is hard to find; you know the one, you have it in every colour and it's your go to skirt for all seasons, because it just fits well and is super comfy. We think the Suzy skirts fit the bill!

I've taken inspiration from my childhood for the Suzy and memories of bombing around on my knackered out shopper bike (which was of course a make believe horse called Silver Star) and wearing an A-line skirt, which my mum had made (my mum was a dab hand with the sewing machine and made a lot of my clothes). 

As far as late 70's skirt styles go, the A-line skirt, with big pockets is a classic, so we've done our usual thing and brought it up to date with super soft, brightly coloured, luxury cotton twill and white piping. They're knee length skirts and look really great with clogs (with or without tights) or ankle boots. 

Our Suzy skirts are available in red, navy, turquoise and green, with more colours to come.

If you don't remember retro 70's fashion the first time, you missed out, but don't worry we'll be bringing you some more retro treats for a modern 70's look in the coming months (don't worry, we'll skip the deeley boppers, although if you're interested I had red glittery hearts on mine 😂😍)

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