Irregular Choice

We have always loved Irregular Choice at Dollydagger and first became an Irregular Choice retailer in 2007.

Not only are their shoes amazing and like nothing else out there, but the story of how they started is pretty inspiring too; Dan Sullivan was lucky enough to grow up on the Kings Road in the 70's and travelled extensively with his parents when growing up. He had left home by the age of 15 and already opened his first shoe shop in Covent Garden by the time he was 18 (wow!). Dan then spent several years touring and discovering the far east, taking influence from the architecture, art and culture. In 1999 Irregular Choice was born and the rest is history.

Never wavering from his original philosophy, Irregular Choice continues to stand out, uninfluenced by the latest trends and definitely not conforming to what is expected. Every season brings us something new and we're proud to be an Irregular Choice Stockist.