Dolly's Diary

Coming Soon! Janky Series Two

We are very excited about the forthcoming second series of Jankys from Superplastic. For those of you who didn't make it to back the Kickstarter in time, don't worry, we have you covered. 

Series two will feature the work of the following artists including:  Add Fuel, Caramelaw, Chocotoy, Jor Ros, Julie West, Pete Fowler, Guggimon, Huck Gee, James Groman, Seen (exciting!), Squink, Tado, 2PetalRose, Wattle, and there are a few surprises too (we can't wait!). 

If that's not enough there will also be 50 handmade toys placed at random so anyone could get a completely unique and amazing rarity! (fingers crossed!).

I just hope I can stop myself from opening all the boxes when they get here! (it's OK, Mr Dagger has been instucted to hide them so I can't do that).

These are my favourites:

Seen Janky by Seen for Superplastic Series 2Flora by Julie West for Superplastic Series 2little Donut by ChocoToy for Superplastic Series 2Jeiko by 2PetalRose for Superplastic Series 2

See all the series 2 jankys (except the secret ones!) and preorder them here.