Dolly's Diary

Just Arrived! Our Pom Pom Maxi Dresses are Here!

After many stressful nights and a spot of nail biting, I am pleased to say that our maxi dresses have finally arrived!

There are 3 different fabrics to choose from:

A stunning, luxury, flamingo print, cotton lawn finished with hot pink pom pom trim

Dollydagger Flamingo Maxi Dresses

A beautiful white luxury seersucker cotton covered in green palm trees and finished with mint green pom pom trim

Dollydagger Palm Print Maxi Dresses

And a navy blue cotton, covered in white stars and finished with red pom poms for the timeless nautical look.

Dollydagger Nautical Star Print Maxi Dresses

The star print maxi dresses are made in a heavier weight cotton than the other dresses and will see you well into Autumn if you're an all year maxi dress girl (I know I am!)

As with the rest of our garments, they are made in the UK by talented people who are paid a decent wage for their time and effort.

Take a look at the Nautical Maxi Dress, Flamingo Maxi Dress and Palm Print Maxi Dress or see everything that's new here.