Dolly's Diary

We're Back! Hooray!

Spinning DollydaggerIt's been 509 days since I closed Dollydagger and took a well-earned rest and I'll admit I counted every single one of them!

Thats said I thoroughly enjoyed the rest and it really gave me time to think about what I wanted Dollydagger to be when we came back; it didn't take long to be honest because there was one thing that I really missed before we closed and that was doing things the way I wanted to and not just because we might get some orders. 

So, we are back to how Dollydagger was at the beginning, mixing up designer labels with independent brands and designer makers, all with a Dollydagger twist and irrespective of age or price point, so there is something for everyone and all with one thing in common, high quality products that I would buy, wear, collect or gift myself. 

If you're new to Dollydagger and would like to know more about why I took a break read this interview with Suzy Prince, that I did just before we closed.

I'll be back shortly with a follow up interview with Suzy, who has seen me through the re-birth and who has frequently been there as a sounding board when I've been a bit frazzled. Suzy also happens to be the brains behind Actual Size Magazine, which is brilliant.


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