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It's Dolly's Birthday!

Dolly Dagger by Jimi Hendrix Limited Edition 7" Single

A few months ago I was looking for interesting things to share with our customers. Some of you may already know that Dollydagger was named after a song of the same name (Dolly Dagger) by Jimi Hendrix.

My friend Glen and I spent the best part of an evening brain storming track names by our favourite artists and he came up with Dolly Dagger (thanks Glen!). I removed the space and Dollydagger was born!

So getting back to the point; I thought it would an interesting fact to share on the single release date. I had never looked this date up before, so was completely blown away when I found out that the release date for the single was 9th October 1971, which also happens to be my birthday (yes, I'm that old!). Spooky huh?!!!! (or 'fate' as my mum  has decided!)

Read more about the track on Wiki. and have a listen:


Emma Dollydagger Signature