Yellow Uberjanky Superplastic UK
Yellow Uberjanky Superplastic UK
Superplastic 15 inch Yellow Uberjanky UK
Superplastic Yellow Uberjanky UK
Superplastic Yellow 15 inch Uberjanky UK
Yellow 15 inch Uberjanky Superplastic UK

Yellow 15 Inch UberJanky from Superplastic

£195.00 GBP £195.00 GBP

Yellow 15 Inch UberJanky from the brilliant Superplastic.

We only have one of these because the shipping costs were huge! 15 inches tall and a lovely shade of custard yellow, this uberjanky was released in 2020 and is limited to 150 pieces worldwide.

  • Released in 2020.
  • Limited edition collectible vinyl art toy, only 150 produced.
  • Measures 15 inches tall
  • Boxed Uber Janky weighs 3.6 KG
  • Made from soft vinyl