Pineapple Socks
Pineapple Socks
Unisex Pineapple Socks DOIY Dollydagger
Pineapple Ice Pop Socks DOIY Dollydagger
Pineapple Socks DOIY Dollydagger
Pineapple Ice Lolly Socks DOIY at Dollydagger
Pineapple Socks

Pineapple Socks

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Pineapple Icepop Unisex socks by DOIY Design.

Are you in need of a holiday? Daydreaming about tropical sands and pina coladas? It's not quite the same as having the sand under your feet, but they are the next best thing! Super soft and stretchy pineapple ice lolly socks are one size fits all, so perfect for sharing with your other half, if you can get to the sock drawer first!

Pineapple socks in yellow and green come in a cool presentation box and make an excellent gift.

Pineapple Icepop socks are unisex; one size fits all.

60.5% cotton, 29.3% polyester, 3.1% Elastane, 9.1% polyamide.