Letter X Wooden Tree Decoration

Letter X Wooden Tree Decoration

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Letter X Wooden Tree Decoration by Curly Mark exclusively for Dollydagger.

Laser cut in West Sussex by our long time friend and collaborator Curly Mark, this letter X wooden tree decoration is made from cherry ply wood and hand painted by Emma Dollydagger in our Bath studio. Letter X wooden tree decoration, is painted with vibrant green acrylic paint and embellished with gold eco glitter and comes with a 20 cm length of gold ribbon, so you can vary the length, according to where you are hanging it.

Each hanging wooden christmas decoration measures  5.5 cm tall, the width of each varies.

Available in letters A to Z, a Ringmaster heart or ampersand, these hanging wooden christmas decorations are laser cut and painted by hand. As such they may differ slightly from the photos or have minor imperfections.

Hanging wooden christmas decoration is signed on the back.