Disco Neon Sign
Disco Neon Sign
Neon Box Sign
Neon Disco Sign Pink
Disco Neon Sign Pink
Disco Neon Light

Locomocean DISCO Neon Sign

£123.00 GBP £123.00 GBP

DISCO Neon Sign by Locomocean.

Get your sequinned hot pants and roller skates on, it's time to P-A-R-T-Y! This amazing pink neon sign features the word DISCO in hot pink neon. Encased in a glossy acrylic box, with a reflective mirror back for maximum impact our disco neon light is a must for lovers of a funky bass line. Pair with a glitter ball and get groovin'.

Neon box sign comes with a 12V DC UK/EU interchangeable adaptor plug and is designed to be table mounted so no need to add this to your list of DIY jobs (phew!)

Disco neon sign measures 38 cm wide x 19 cm tall x 11 cm deep
Packaged neon disco sign measures 47 cm wide x 27.5 cm high x 18 cm deep