Neon Pink 15 Inch UberJanky Superplastic
Neon Pink 15 Inch UberJanky Superplastic
Superplastic UberJanky Neon Pink
Pink 15 Inch Uberjanky Superplastic
Neon Pink UberJanky Superplastic UK
Superplastic Pink Uberjanky
15 inch UberJanky Superplastic Pink
Superplastic Pink 15 Inch UberJanky

Neon Pink 15 Inch UberJanky from Superplastic

£195.00 GBP £195.00 GBP

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Neon Pink 15 Inch UberJanky from the brilliant Superplastic.

We are so excited to have got some of these. Not many though, so if you wany one you'll have to be quick. 

  • Released in 2019.
  • Limited edition collectible vinyl art toy, only 300 produced.
  • Measures 15 inches tall (yes, really!)
  • Boxed UberJanky weighs over 2.5 KG
  • Made from soft vinyl